Service Alert Updates


Q: Are pets allowed on the bus?

A. Well-behaved leashed or crated pets are welcome on buses, but not on the seats, and not on your lap on the seats. We have zero tolerance of ill-behaved pets. Please note: Purse-like pet carriers do not qualify as crates or leashes.

Q: Can buses accommodate bicycles and how many?

A. All Island Explorer buses are equipped with bicycle racks. Each bus has capacity for six biycles. We cannot accommodate tag-alongs, tandem bikes, bikes with fat tires, or motorized bicycles of any kind. This means no E-bikes.

Q: Are strollers allowed on the bus?

A. Moderately-sized collapsible strollers are allowed on the buses. They must be folded up and carried to the back of the bus to be stowed.

Q: I am coming to Bar Harbor on a cruise ship, where and how do I get an Island Explorer shuttle?

A. First, you should know that the Island Explorer does not offer tours and that buses on cruise ship days often have standing room only. For local commentary, a guaranteed seat, and a visit to the top of Cadillac Mountain, sign up for a ship-sponsored guided tour. Your ship will likely tender you to the Town Pier. The Village Green, Island Explorer's hub, is a three-block walk up Main Street. You must have a National Park entry pass to ride an Island Explorer bus into Acadia National Park. Passes are available on line and from the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce. Please note: On cruise ship days, particularly in the late afternoon when all passengers need to return to their ships at around the same time, demand can strain our capacity. Please plan accordingly to ensure you make it back for your ship's departure.

Q: How do I access the lost and found?

A. Come into our office at the Village Green or call (207) 288-4573.

Q: What do the R and - mean on the schedule?

A. R means that the bus will stop at that location by request only. Just let the driver know and they will take you there. A dash (-) means there is no stop at that location on that trip.

Q: Why do I need to purchase a park pass when the buses are free?

A. The Island Explorer is not Acadia National Park. Everyone entering Acadia National Park whether by foot, bicycle, automobile, or bus is required to have a park entry pass.

Q: Where do I get the Bicycle Express?

A. At the municipal parking lot near the corner of Eden Street and Mount Desert Street. This lot is located behind the Kids' Corner daycare center.

Q: Is Island Explorer a tour?

A. Island Explorer does not operate tours. There is no narration and buses do not tarry at bus stops. We are a transit system.

Q: What is Island Explorer's operating season, days and hours of operation?

A. Most Island Explorer routes operate June 23 through mid-October, with a reduction in service in late August. The service operates seven days a week. Please check individual route timetables for hours of operation.

Q: Will the bus stop for me if I am not at a designated stop?

A. Our buses will stop anywhere along the route that the driver deems safe. Please choose a spot with a good shoulder and good sight lines. Flag the bus with two hands. If you are on a bus and want to get off at a place other than a designated stop, please inform the driver when you board the bus. They will stop at the nearest safe place. Please note: Determination of a safe place is entirely at the driver's discretion.

Q: How can I tell the difference between the summer and fall schedules?

A. In the fall, only the shaded times (times with color in the cell) in the timetable operate. In the summer, all times operate.

Q: Where can I park and take a bus into Bar Harbor?

A. There are always lots of free parking spots in the MDOT Park and Ride lot at the Acadia Gateway Center, 117 Gateway Center Drive, Trenton, ME 04605. There is a sheltered bus stop. In 2024, the #9 Trenton bus departs from there six times a day. Parking is also available next to the CAT ferry terminal on Eden Street. Eden Street buses serve this location throughout the day.

Q: Are buses accessible?

A. All buses are ADA compliant and equipped with wheelchair lifts. There are, however, some power lifts and specialized mobility devices we may not be able to accommodate. Our aim is to carry everyone regardless of ability.

Q: Is there a dress code for bus passengers?

A. Customers are expected to dress appropriately (e.g shoes, shirts, no clothing that is indecent, profane or otherwise inflammatory).